Sarah Jessica Parker romanticises red cheddar and turf in recent social post

By Fiona Frawley

July 28, 2023 at 10:26am


Those familiar with the glaring eye of SJP's Instagram profile pic know the suss.

As Irish people, we're well used to Americans waxing lyrical about potatoes, pints and all things Éire. It's common to see someone on Twitter claiming Cillian Murphy has the ghosts of everyone who died in the Famine reflected in his eyes or detailing their connections to the Emerald Isle for anyone who'll listen. But I think Sarah Jessica Parker is the first to romanticise a head of cabbage and 30% off chardonnay from Super Valu.

Online followers of SJP will be well acquainted with her odic captions accompanying images of lamp posts, half-drunk wine glasses and blurry street scapes, but this appears to be the first time Irish produce has gotten such a dedicated shout out.

SJ shares a holiday home in Kilcar, Donegal with husband Matthew Broderick, and paid homage to a recent trip with an Instagram post.

Like an influencer sifting through her empty beauty products on Insta, the And Just Like That star shared pics Charleville Cheddar (mature red, obviously), Horgans Salami, Kiihne pickled gherkins and a single rasher incinerated to a crisp and placed artfully on a plate. It's like if Failte Ireland made a girl dinner.

Via Instagram/sarahjessicaparker

Alongside the images, SJP insisted that her followers "should have SEEN it" ("it" being Donegal, presumably), and that they also should have smelled the turf, buttered the spud (the new spud) and touched the tweed. It's the travel endorsement Donegal never saw coming.

Anyway, tag yourselves. I'm the €13 Oyster Bay.

Header image via Instagram/sarahjessicaparker/Getty 



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