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14th Jan 2020

This Galway pub is throwing a Simpsons-themed quiz tonight

Sarah Finnan

Everything’s coming up Milhouse.

No plans for the evening? Fear not, the Black Gate have you covered with a Simpsons-themed pub quiz.

Taking place this evening, fans of the iconic TV series are invited to call in and put all their niche trivia knowledge to the test.

Do you know the name of Homer’s lobster? What about Homer’s middle name? Or Lisa’s first word? No? Time to brush up, my friends.

Promising tasty food and drink along with plenty of craic, it all kicks off at 8pm. No doughnuts though. Doh!

Tickets for the big Simpsons quiz cost €20 for a table of four. There are only a handful of tables left though so message the page if you’re hoping to take part.

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