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14th Sep 2018

PICS: The Irish Heatwave Uncovered An Old Farmhouse That Had Been Submerged Underwater

Kiara Keane

Yet another unexpected discovery has been made following Ireland’s recent heatwave.

The official An Garda Síochána Twitter account has shared a number of photos from the ruins of an old homestead in a lake in Co. Wicklow.

A number of properties in the area had been submerged since 1940, when the valley was transformed into the Poulaphuca Reservoir, but the summer drought meant the old ruins were visible once again.

They wrote, ‘While patrolling the Wicklow division The Garda Air Support Unit noticed the ruins of a homestead and a piece of farm machinery (mowing bar) on a raised piece of land which had previously been submerged in the lakes.’

Earlier this summer, gorse fires revealed an old World War II ‘Éire’ sign up on Bray head and in July, the dry weather led to a drone discovering a new monument at Newgrange.

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