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25th Dec 2020

10 Christmas moments from Irish telly that will bring back wonderful memories


Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, especially in the TV department.

Ever since we were tykes, the festive season was synonymous with a savage TV line-up, you had The Den, great ads, The Late Late Toy Show – even the news got interesting, for feck’s sake.

While things are very different this year, we still have our trusted telly… and of course, our memories.

Here are just a few of our favourite moments that Irish telly has given us for Christmas over the years…

1. The Den‘s Christmas special

The highlight of every Irish ’90s kid’s Christmas calendar, these special editions of The Den generally saw Ray D’Arcy and his puppet mates having to put up with shenanigans from evil twins Podge and Rodge.

2. The An Post ad

When you heard the iconic “we’re walking in the aaaaair” tune and saw those letters flying through a snowy, animated sky, you couldn’t help but get giddy for Christmas.

3. Dustin’s appearance on The Late Late Show

No one talked smack quite like this badly-behaved builder. Poor old aunty Gaybo didn’t stand a chance.

4. The RTÉ Guide’s ad actually got you excited for the magazine

Remember when you read stuff on paper? Simpler times.

5. Dustin’s ‘Christmas Tree’

Dustin and festive season are inseparable in our minds and his Christmas song is one of the all time classics in our opinion…

6. The annual segment about Santa’s arrival on RTÉ News

Our national broadcaster colluding with parents nationwide.

7. This little kid at the airport getting too excited

If ever there was a video to watch on repeat, this is it.

8. Christmas homecomings on RTÉ

It gets us right in the ticker every single year.

9. Father Ted Christmas Special

The episode that introduced us to Father Todd Unctious is undoubtedly one of the best instalments in this iconic series.

10. The guy who slipped on the ice

Yes, we will use any excuse to roll out this clip.

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