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04th Aug 2018

11 Outrageous Haircuts That We All Used To Wear Proudly For Some Tapped Reason


Hairdos and hair-don’ts are what separate us from the animals.

The painfully tragic ways in which we actually wanted to frame our face and head will never cease to amaze us. All we can do is laugh, so let’s do just that, shall we?

1. The Step

Why did this flattering haircut ever go away?

We’re baffled.


2. Frosted tips

Ah, simpler times.

3 The Frosted Tips 1024X576

Photo cred: AtoZ Hairstyles

Screen Shot 2017 05 24 At 11 42 21

3. The Mullet

No gender was safe from this monster.


4. Rats tails

Making grown women cry since ’93.


Photo cred: Mullet Junky

5. Crimped hair

Some people could pull it off.

Others definitely couldn’t.

Ldjs Qeq

Photo cred: Imgur

6. Perms

We’ll just leave this here…


7. Razor lines

They make you go faster, y’know.

1C584A22E9A381195E2F74E6D9481607 Haircut Images Haircut Styles

8. Extreme bobs

Oh Lord blessusandsaveus.

Christa S Extreme Bob Clipper Cut 2 P

Photo cred:

9. Frankie from The Saturdays’ hair cut

What we thought we’d look like with it…


Photo cred: Pinterest

What we actually looked like…

Bad Haircut1

Photo cred: Bali living Blog

10. Dip-dyes

Sweet baby Jesus.


Photo cred: Pinterest

11. Cornrows on holidays

Spending two hours and €50 only to get a sunburnt scalp and insomnia.


Photo cred: Dontlooknow

If only we knew then what we know now…

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