13 Simple Hacks That Will Allow You To Survive This Bloody Freezing Weather

You can do it!

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So the temperature has massively dropped, and we're all losing our minds a little.

Okay strike that, a lot. 

Buuut, there are ways around this. 13 ways in fact, and they're all laid out here for you.

We're sound like that. 

1. Wear two pairs of socks

Seriously. You'll thank us. 


2. Put cat litter/sand under the tyres of your car to gain some traction

No slippin' for you.

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3. Beg, borrow or steal an electric blanket

Electric blankets use very little energy, and they're only about €20. Ten minutes with one of these babies, and you'll feel good as new.


4. Use your oven as much as possible when cooking

This will help to heat up your whole kitchen. 

When you finish cooking or heating your food up, open the oven door to take as much advantage of the heat as possible.

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5. Wrap your pyjamas around a hot water bottle

Tasty, soft, goodness. 

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6. Use pipe insulator as draft blockers

So easy and so affordable. Full instructions here.

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Photo cred: Instructables.com

7. Put a layer of tinfoil against the wall

This will reflect the heat back into the room. Just like that. 

36 Cold Weather Hacks To Keep You Cozy This Winter Putting A Layer Of Tinfoil

Photo cred: pioneersettler.com

8. Park facing East

Then the sun will do all the work for you in the morning. Simple yet brilliant. 


9. Use a lighter on your key to loosen a frozen lock

No more broken key worries.

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Photo cred: pioneersettler.com

10. Maximise the use of your water after you shower

Upon showering, keep the water in the bath and allow the heat to rise from it for a while, until it turns cold. 

Hon the humidity!

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11. Waterproof your socks with sandwich bags

Not as weird as you think, and super super effective. 

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Photo cred: tn.loljam.com

12. Open your curtains when the sun is shining

Let dat der heat in.

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13. Invest in a set of flannel sheets

The warmest thing in the WHOLE WIDE world.

Traditional Kids Bedding

Photo cred: Houzz

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