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16th Oct 2017

18 Fashion Struggles Every Irish Teen Had To Deal With At One Stage Or Another


They say fashion is pain, and they are dead right. 

Especially in your teens.

You make questionable fashion decisions that can impact you physically at the time, and psychologically in years to come as you look back on the photos. 

From shoes that don’t fit to jewelry that scars, we all made them.

And if you were a teen in Ireland in the last two decades, then you’ll definitely understand these struggles:

1. Your baggy jeans ripping

They were your favourite pair, but they could only take so much dragging on the ground. 

2. Getting tetanus from cheap jewellery

You swore that the hoop earrings from Penneys would be grand, but alas, your green ears said something different.

3. Losing circulation from wearing too many silly bands

You could never have too many, until the pins and needles got too much for you. 

4. Tripping over your buffalo runners 

Because you refused to tie your laces. 

5. Losing your shit in the hundreds of pockets on your pocket covered pants

Not that you had anything important to lose, but still. Too many pockets.

6. Wearing so much camo that no one even sees you

Or that you think you’re a member of Destiny’s Child.

Shutterstock 98727725

7. Wearing your trendy Avril Lavigne tie to school by accident

And getting in absolute shit. 

8. Getting highlights so stripey you’re mistaken for a zebra

Never a good look.

9. Your backwards cap not shielding your eyes from the sun

You can blame any eye wrinkles on those misspent years of your youth trying to see in the sun.

Shutterstock 942764

10. Your feet burning from your jelly sandals 

But that never stopped you wearing them.

11. Your jean chain getting caught 

In everything. 

12. Your plastic choker strangling you

“One size fits all” pfffft.

Shutterstock 458867203

13. Your skinny hairbands giving you a headache

Why were you even wearing more than one?

14. Your leggings shrinking in the wash

What else are you gonna wear with your denim skirt?!

15. Your fake hair bun being a completely different colour to your own

The lighting in Claire’s was always shite, to be fair. 

16. The wind ruining your perfectly straightened fringe

After it took you ages to get it perfect. 

17. Your beads accidentally choking you

Even after you tied a trendy knot in them.

18. Your belt digging into your ribs as you walked

Because where else would you wear a belt, if not on your waist?

Shutterstock 33844528

Bet that brought back some bitter memories.

Tag your friends so they have to relive it too!

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