19 Of The Funniest Comments On YouTube

By louisejohnston

June 16, 2017 at 3:50pm


We all love a viral video. And should a normal internet user ever stumble across one on YouTube, it would be quite rare that they would bother scrolling down to the comments... But these are comedy gold.

Some of the world's best online trolls were born here and YouTube comments have seen a bit of a revival as of late. 

So here are 17 of the funniest comments:

1. Why You Gotta Be So Dumb?

2. Nyan Cat will drive you demented

3. That's not a cow dude

4. Get trippy

5. That'll Do Pig

6. Giant gummy worm... we were all thinking it to be fair

7. Real life Furby

8. Some fans just can't contain their excitement

9. Someone tell this guy that Londonderry isn't in Mexico

10. One comment set off a chain reaction

11. Confused.com

12. Not a proud moment at all

13. This guy got more attention for his ronny than his rapping

14. The movie's biggest critic

15. What IS Tomorrowland?

16. "Research"

17. Well that's one way to express yourself

18. Not so lucky

19. Subliminal messaging is rife