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20th Sep 2018

21 Reasons Why You’d Be Absolutely Lost Without Your Work Best Friend


The work day can be tough, long and, on certain days, a worthy reason to dread your whole existence. But what’s the number one way your work day can be made better, easier and altogether more pleasant?

The introduction of a Work Best Friend.

They are the glue holding you together, as well as the wind beneath your wings, and after a while, you just don’t know how you got on without them.

WBFs, this one’s for you.

1. Theirs is the only number you’ve saved from the work Whatsapp group

Meaning you text them on the reg, reminding them of how much you need them in your life.

2. When something happens over the weekend, you can’t WAIT until Monday to tell them

Especially when it’s something really bad.

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3. You hate the exact same people

Especially when you realise just how great you two are in comparison to everyone else.

Who are so shit.

200 3

4. You’re each other’s personal cheerleaders

YAAAAS, you own this city!

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5. You can always count on them to lend you a charger, a chewing gum or deodorant for when you’re gross

They got you.

200 5

6. You always have an after-work drink buddy

For those times when you’re REALLY tested.

200 6

7. AND you’re never without a lunch mate

Even when you bring fish into the office.

200 8

8. Any secrets they hear around the office are communicated to you IMMEDIATELY

Nothing is sacred, and that’s exactly how you like it.

200 10

9. Sitting next to each other in meetings gives you a high like no other

Because you get to show them gross pictures on your laptop and watch them try not to spit out their coffee.

200 11

10. You spend so much time together that your brains, lives and even lunches are totally in sync

You both know exactly what to say to each other when dat 9-5 life is getting one of you down.

200 12

11. You can tell what the other is thinking, with just one look

And these glances reassure you that you two are the only non-maniacs in your place of work.

200 13

12. You make a pact to only attend work nights out if you both can make it

Otherwise you’d never enter into those shark infested waters alone.

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13. They’re the only one in work who knows your birthday

And will embarrass you wholly and unashamedly all day long.

Even if your other colleagues won’t.

200 17

14. You miss them so much when they’re not in, that the day feels like it lasts a decade

Why have they done this to you?!

200 18

15. They’re always willing to share your workload

So you can make time for gossip and draaanks afterwards.

200 20

16. They are always supportive of your work crush

And will often help you out in your plan of getting them to fall in love with you.

200 21

17. If your private messages/emails/texts went public, you’d both be excommunicated from Earth

And possibly burned at the stake.

200 23

18. You frequently visit their desk for no real reason

”Hey, do you’ve any red paperclips? I only have blue”

200 24

19. You’re absolutely terrible influences on each other

And everyone either loves you or hates you for it.

Mostly hates you. But who cares, you’re the most fun.

200 25

20. They don’t judge you when you come in absolutely hanging from the night before

And will even partake in a filthy lunch with you, even if they’re on a diet.

200 26

21. And finally, they are always ready and waiting for something funny to happen so you have an excuse to be hyper for the day

Screaming laughing FTW.

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