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20th Dec 2016

27 Years Of Laptop Evolution


Laptops. They’re cool things, right? If you disagreed with that I am afraid we cannot be friends. However most of you are probably reading this on a laptop. In fact, I am writing this on a laptop. So how about we look back at how far laptops have come and we thank baby Jesus that we don’t have a cinder block on our laps anymore.


I for one am thankful of the progress just since 1981 – though thankfully I didn’t have to experience them back then because I wasn’t on the planet yet, and yes I am rubbing my youth in your face. And yes, while the last laptop in the above series of photos is in 2008 we’re all pretty aware as to what laptops have been able to do since. Now we have laptops that have fingerprint scanners, integrated webcams so we can call our loved ones on the other side of the planet (or other activities, I am not one to judge) and even laptops now that are so powerful they can play some really high quality games, though not a Mac. This is how you game on a Mac.


So where do you think we’ll see laptops in the coming years? When we open them will they just register our face and there will be no need for passwords? Actually as I type that I am probably guessing that already exists somewhere. What are your thoughts?