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20th Dec 2016

30 Under 30


A lot of people are under the impression that to have a load of slick gadgets you need to have a thick wallet. Well we’re about to bust that myth and prove that some of the most useful ones are the most affordable. Here are 30 of the best gadgets out there at the moment for under $30:

1. Classic Console USB Controllers

$14.99 – $19.99

Travel back in time and get seriously nostalgic with these old-school console controllers. Comes in Atari, Gamecube, Genesis 6-button, N64, NES and SNES and are compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

1b4c classic console usb controllers

2. Leef Ice USB 3.0 Drives

$14.99 – $52.49 (16GB – 64G)

You can’t go wrong with these uber slick USB’s. They’re shockproof, waterproof and dust proof.

216d leef ice usb3 drives

3. Marvel Headphones


Look Marvellous with these super-hero headphones. Choose from either Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, or Iron Man.

hsso marvel headphones

4. Star Wars Rechargeable Mini Speaker

What better way to prove to your colleagues that you’re a Star Wars super-fan? Get your mitts on these amazing R2-D2 and Darth Vader speakers. They plug into any USB port and charge up from there.

hssl sw mini speakers

5. BACtrack Go – Keychain Digital Breathalyser


This has to the the BEST gadget you can carry around with you daily (if you are a drinker). This portable breathalyser detects alcholol content from 0.00 – 0.40% and gives you accurate results in under 30 seconds.

210a bactrack go keychain breathalyzer

6. Clip-On LED Work Light


Safety first – use this gadget to get around in the dark or just to help you see your work better when you’re working into the night. It doesn’t just clip onto your glasses – it can be placed on many surfaces meaning you can pop it on your phone if you’re filming or taking shots as not to drain your mobile’s battery.

1853 clip-on led work light

7. Bright Idea – USB-Powered Light Bulb


This bulb is powered by USB – perfect for those times when you need more light. Plug it into your laptop to lighten up your desk or plug it into your phone charger to brighten up any room.

1585 bright idea usb powered light bulb

8. Doctor Who TARDIS Book Light


Have fun with this awesome TARDIS book light. If you’re tucked up in bed and don’t want to disturb your partner by turning on the main light then this is perfect. It also comes with a UV pen so you want write secret notes on pages – a nice way to bookmark pages without destroying the paper with blue/black pen scribbles.

eec2 tardis book light

9. Programmable LED Message Board


This lets you store up to 8 messages – making it the perfect gadget to place on your desk. Tell your colleagues when you’ve gone to lunch, when you don’t want to be disturbed or when you’re out of the office. Compatable with Windows and Mac OS.

1690 programmable led message board

10. ChargeCard Wallet-Sized USB Cable

$11.99 – $24.99

There is nothing worse when you have a fully-charged laptop but your phone is dying. Well fear not, ChargeCard will help you use some of your laptop battery to charge your phone. Plus it saves carrying around annoying bulky chargers and cables. Comes in 30-pin, MicroUSB and Lightening connector. Connects to any USB power port.

1579 charge card wallet sized usb cable microusb

11. PowerCube

$12.99 – $24.99

Basically a modern-day extension / adapter plug. Looks slick and comes in socket, USB and extra extended versions.

hmsk powercube inuse 3up

12. Universal Gadget Wrist Charger


It’s a universal problem – our batteries die on our devices when we’re on the move. And we need them the most when we’re on the move. This amazing gadget solves that problem – it charges via USB, then you can pop it on your wrist and charge your devices on the go.

ceca wrist charger inhand

13. 6-in-1 Tire Pressure Gauge Multi-Tool


If you drive a lot by trade then you’ll need to get your hands on this gadget. Comes with a pressure gauge, tread depth gauge, an LED flashlight, bottle opener and a flat screwdriver. It also easily clips onto your car keys too. That and the breathalyser and you’ll be laughing with your top notch health and safety kit.

140b 6in1 tire pressure guage

14. Closed-Hood Car Jump Starter


The must-have for anyone that drives. You no longer have to be a mechanic to sort out your car. Upstart it without opening the hood at all. This gadget simply connects to the cigarette lighters in both cars and only takes 5-10 minutes to work. Amazing.

closed hood car jump starter

15. magicMOUNT window


MagicMount Window can be stuck to any glass or super smooth surface using the suction cup making this the most hassle-free device mounter for your car – no awkward clips or frames.

hsvn magicmount window inuse

16. Travel Charge 9.6 Amp Quad USB Power Hub


If you spend a stupid amount of your day travelling via car then this gadget is going to make your life so much easier. This travel charger plugs into your cigarette lighter and charges multiple devices at the same time.

16cc travel charge quad usb power hub inuse

17. Universal Clip-On Lens System


Let’s be honest – we’re all obsessed with taking photos, videos and editing them to look super slick for Instagram and other photo sharing platforms. Now you can take your snapping skills to another level with these universal clip-on lens system.

16aa universal clip on lens system inhand

18. Eyn Case For Smartphones

$18.74 – $24.99

While carrying around a bag with everything we need is probably the smart idea it’s not always the most convenient. The Eyn Case is perfect for solving this issue – you can carry up to 3 cards in this phone case and it has a built-in mirror for those vain moments. Comes built for your iPhone 5/5S, Samsung Galaxy S4, or iPhone 4/4S. And on top of that, it comes in a rainbow of colours.

eea8 eyn case iphone5 black horizontal

19. Bag of Holding – Con-Survival Edition


ThinkGeek the kings of all things gadgets have designed this bag fit for the token techie. It has been designed especially for those of you who like to attend conventions. It even has a see-through pocket so you can use your tablet without taking it out of the bag and separate devisions in the bag so you can store a water bottle and other miscelanous safely.

1a1d bag of holding con-survival ed ipad

20. Mountie


Take multitasking to another level with the Mountie. It lets you attach your other devices to your laptop / computer screen meaning you dual screen for days without having to drop your eyes down to the table. Want.

pd mountie guitar

21. The Stance Tripod


This has to be the most compact tripod – it even folds and fits in your pocket meaning you can take it with you everywhere. It even acts as a bottle opener and can be bought to include a charger adapter.


22. Monkey Knot Key Cable


A monkey’s fist the name of that big knot at the end of a rope which is used as a weight. And this large fist also has serious potential to be used as a keychain – the weight and large size makes it easy to find keys in your bag. And Native Union produced this iPhone Key Cable that will help charge your devices via USB port on the go.


23. The Flic Button


This makes TOO MUCH sense – it’s the wireless button that creates a shortcut to your favorite actions on your phone. Forget spending a ridiculous amount of money for the Apple Watch. use it to take a picture, snooze your alarm, open your music app, find your phone, send a distress signal and more!


24. Sound Stripp


if you’re the type of person to plug-in and work with your headphones on your head all day than this little gadget has been made for you. The Sound Stripp is designed to help free up some much needed desktop real estate by allowing you to hang your headphones off of your monitor keeping your desk nice and tidy at all times.

494675132 1280x720-1

25. The Blink(1)


The Blink(1) is a USB accessory that lights up to alert you when you get an email, go into a meeting, or alert you to anything you set up with IFTTT. It even hooks up to Twitter. Bliss.


26. Luna concrete skin for iPhone6


These not only look slick – they also actually feel like real concrete in the form of an iPhone case. If you love your gadgets then you’ll want to dress them in the best accessories, just like a prized dog.


27. Mod


A paper notebook that syncs to the cloud. Once you’ve filled the notebook you mail it back to these guys and they digitalise it within 5 days and appear live on in the Mod app. It’s a fully responsive web app making it easy to access from any mobile phone, tablet, or desktop. You can also sync your pages with Dropbox, Evernote, and OneNote.

Mod Web 04

28. Philips Wireless Portable Speaker | BT100B


Combined with built-in Bluetooth wireless streaming, the BT100 is ideal for the globetrotting entreprenuers.

electrical philips-allegro-BT100B 1000x1000

29. Belkin WeMo Wi-Fi Bulb


Control your lights from anywhere – these smart bulbs are connected to your Wi-Fi and your phone’s internet. You can dim, turn on, turn off your lights whenever and wherever you are. They even fit into conventional light fittings. Simple smart home upgrade.


30. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker


A real techie wouldn’t be complete without the holy grail of accessories – a coffee machine. Making coffee shouldn’t have to be overly expensive – the Aeropress will make one super-charged cup of caffeine.

sj product image 59 6 1634 20570