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03rd Jan 2017

5 Brilliant Apps To Help You Save Money, Budget And Stop Spending Excessively

Alana Laverty

I’m the absolute worst for overspending, thinking I have money that’s not actually there, and then overly restricting myself when I see the damage I’ve done.

I’ve always wondered, how the hell do people do it?

Have nice things, pay the rent, eat well, look well and be generally financially secure. ‘Cos that just ain’t me.

Working in town, I’m surrounded by temptations: nice food, good coffee and all the shops. It’s just too much. 

So I decided that it was time to become a responsible adult and get my finances in order. And thanks to the following apps it has been incredibly easy. Leaving me with money for the important things, like rent, travel, my future and, of course, sushi. 

1. Spending Tracker

Great for: Budgeting and seeing what you’re actually spending.

Every time you spend or get paid you enter it under various categories like income, fuel, food, clothes and entertainment.

It’s actually a good wake-up call to see where you are spending the most. For me, all those coffees and taxis were really adding up and I could see that with Spending Tracker and was able to make the decision to cut back. Because it was ridiculous. 

Warning: this app might turn you into a stingy bitch. 

Price: free.

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2. Splitwise

Great for: Splitting bills.

This app is unreal if you have housemates. You can log all bills, group expenditure and IOUs. 

Bills can sometimes result in fights in the gaff, with someone claiming to have overpaid, underpaid or not paid at all so this app really rules out that. You input what you’ve paid and others get notifications. Super handy. 

Also if your gaff has a lot of different bills, like TV, internet, bins and electricity, this app makes it super easy to see them all in one place.

Also great for budgeting with mates or with your bae. 

Price: free. 

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3. Receipt Bank

Great for: Keeping track of work and general expenses.

This app is great for someone who likes to keep ahold of their receipts, like my mother. She keeps every last one.

Which is handy when you’re checking the against credit or debit card bills etc.

Also if you work for a company that allows you to expense things then you will know what a pain in the absolute hole that is. This app really take the hassle out of that by scanning your receipt, storing the data and image and keeping it safe for 7 years – no more unreadable scraps of paper for you. 

Price: free.

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4. Level Money

Great for: Seeing exactly what you can actually spend day-to-day.

Have you ever wondered what exactly, to the cent, can I spend today?

Yup, me too.

This app tells you exactly that. You tell it your monthly budget and planned expenditure and it tells you how much outside of that, that you can spend.

Price: free. 

Level Money

5. TransferWise

Great for: Transferring and sending money abroad. And also for receiveing money. 

If you travel a lot, live abroad or are planning to move abroad, then meet your new best friend – TravelWise. 

There’s nothing more daunting than using a bank to transfer cash abroad, with their massive fees and charges. This is where TransferWise comes in. They use the standard exchange rate, not your bank’s rate, and wire money abroad for you. 

It’s really high tech, easy to use, quick and safe. And the fees are a fraction of what you’d be charged elsewhere. 

Price: free. 

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Welcome to the real world.

Happy saving. 

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