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08th Sep 2021

5 celebrity documentaries and films to watch this autumn

Fiona Frawley

The celebrity documentary trend is here to stay, and we’re not complaining.

They’re emotional, they’re poignant and they give us the chance to really understand what was going on behind the scenes for some of the worlds most iconic celebs during infamous moments in their careers. For me, the obsession began with the Whitney doc Can I Be Me? back in 2017 – I still can’t think about it without welling up to be honest. The fascination continued throughout last year with Paris Hilton’s This is Paris and of course, Britney’s Framing Britney SpearsĀ which contributed hugely to the fight to end her conservatorship. Knowledge is power gals, and with that said here’s a list of the celeb documentaries and films we’ll be queuing for ourselves as we settle into autumn hibernation.

Janet Jackson – JANET

The story of literal pop royalty, straight from the horses mouth with contributions from Missy Elliot, Mariah Carey and an array of other legends. Hope JT is nervous for this one.

Aretha Franklin – RESPECT

The story of one of the most legendary voices in music history, starring the one and only Jennifer Hudson. Can’t argue with that combo.

Tina Turner – TINA

This one’s been out a few months but due to the sheer volume of celeb docs released over the past year, slipped through our fingers. The story of Tina Turner’s private and professional struggles and her incredible music career is high on our list for autumn.

Amy Winehouse – Reclaiming Amy

Ten years after Amy Winehouse’s untimely death, her parents and some of her closest friends give their side of her story.

Princess Diana – SPENCER

Diana counts as a celeb, right? That’s how we refer to her anyway, for fear anyone could ever accuse us of watching a documovie about a member of the Royal family. See Kristen Stewart tackle an English accent in this homage to the people’s princess.

Any other celeb documentaries on your list for the next few months?

Header image via Instagram/janetjackson & Shutterstock

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