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15th Aug 2018

5 Fun Indoor Activities To Do Around Ireland When It’s Pissing Rain Outside


With the weather outside being gloomy and wet, it can be SO difficult making plans to do anything fun without getting soaked to the skin.

There’s only so much Netflix and TV you can stay in and watch before you start to get cabin fever.

So here are five indoor activities located around Ireland that would make a great day out – no umbrella necessary.

1. Trampoline Dodge-ball, Sandyford and Santry (Dublin)

Want a fun and active activity to do with your friends so all of those takeaways you’ve been eating stuck indoors won’t go straight to your hips?

Well, Jumpzone is the perfect place to burn off some extra calories and have fun while you’re at it. You can jump around on the trampolines or take part in their very own trampoline dodge-ball league which looks like a lot of fun and you can even rent the court yourself!

You can rent the dodge-ball court for an hour with your group of friends or even work colleagues. You’ll get a referee and trampoline grip socks as well and they can cater from 8-20+ people.

So gather your friends, it’s time to battle it out.

2. Indoor archery, Greystones (Co. Wicklow)

Wicklow Archers offers indoor archery courses throughout the year. If you fancy learning how to shoot a bow and arrow this could be the perfect activity to take part in for yourself or with your friends.

Their Entry to Archery course runs every seven weeks of the year in Shoreline Leisure centre in Greystones each Wednesday where you can learn some profesh Robin Hood skills.

You’ll be hitting bullseye after bullseye by the time you are finished.

3. Lazer Maze, Navan (Co. Meath)

The Zone in Navan, Co. Meath offers a wide range of activities for all ages including every child’s (and adult’s) dream, a lazer maze.

While we all love a game of lazer-tag this takes it to the next level. The maze is full of lazer beams you can crawl, duck and dive around releasing your inner spy skills Mission Impossible style.

We would love to do this over and over again. Along with go-karting, airsoft, an x-box room and bowling it’s bound to make a great day out with the family, and they even accommodate for hen and stag parties.

Lazer Tag 1

image from: The Zone

4. Funtasia Water Park, Drogheda (Co.Louth)

There’s a kid in all of us and one thing that we all love is waterparks. Funtasia’s Water Park in Drogheda is something perfect not only for children (they even have a Jacuzzi).

Not only do you get to swim around and enjoy the water but there’s lots of rides, slides and attractions to enjoy. It’s really for all ages. It may be raining outside but you can enjoy all of the fun indoors.

5. GoQuest, Finglas (Dublin)

If you’re the challenging type GoQuest is the ultimate adventure day out. The indoor arena consists of 28 rooms full of puzzles, mental and physical challenges that require the ultimate team work to figure out and gain the important points for your team. You have an hour and a half to complete as many as the rooms as possible and it puts your trust and friendships to the test.

Do you have what it takes?

Have you done any of these? Let us know!

(featured image: Jump Zone Santry)