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20th Dec 2016

6 Ludicrously Overpriced Gadgets That Would Make The $10k Apple Watch Blush


One of the biggest talking points surrounding yesterday’s Apple Watch announcement was undoubtedly the whopping $10k price tag on the Apple Watch Edition.

Despite being constructed from 18-carat gold, which Apple’s metallurgists “have developed to be up to twice as hard as standard gold”, and a polished sapphire crystal protection layer, the device was still pilloried for being one of the most hilariously overpriced pieces of tech ever released.

It’s far from being the only one, however, as this list shows…

1. iPad 2 Gold Edition

When Stuart Hughes encrusted the iPad 2 with 12.5 carats of diamonds and ancient rock embedded with T-Rex bones (yes, 70-million-year-old T-Rex bones) the price tag came in at an insane $5m.

All that for something that doesn’t have Retina display.

hughes ipad

2. Personal Submarine

Admittedly, this is one I’d gladly snap up if I had the money. How much money, though? $2m? Seriously?

Okay, well I’ve only got a tenner and some loose change and a Topman voucher on me right now… but hand over the keys and I’ll give you the rest later, yeah?


3. MWE Emporer 200 Workstation PC

This is why I’m glad I’m a Mac person – I may spend silly amounts on beautiful giant screens, but at least they’re capped off at four-figure sums and are actually beautiful. The Emporer 200, on the other hand, costs $50,000 and is distinctly ugly.

Mind you, given it features a touch-screen control centre, an air filtering system, an electric-powered leather seat, and three 27-inch screens, it might just be one for ridiculously wealthy gamers who favour function over fashion.


4. Hart Audio D&W Aural Pleasure Speakers

These £40,000 solid-bronze speakers may indeed provide aural pleasure… but that’s just about the only sense they could possibly appeal to.


5. Kohler Numi Automated Toilet

It costs $6,500, but at least Kohler Numi’s automated toilet comes with a heated seat, bidet, lights that change colours, music, a heated rest for your feet… and the knowledge that you’ll never have to touch it, because it can all be controlled using a touchscreen remote.

So instead of the toilet being germ-ridden, the remote can carry that flag instead. Oh technology, you truly have saved us all.

6. Yalos Diamond TV

Because you haven’t really seen The Godfather trilogy until you’ve seen it on a $130,000 diamond-encrusted telly.