7 things we learned from the bonus episode of Derry Girls

By Fiona Frawley

May 19, 2022 at 3:24pm


Feel like pure sh*t, just want them back.

It's been seven hours and zero days since they took Derry Girls away, and we're not okay. The act of saying goodbye to a show that's so perfectly made and adored by so many feels painful and unnatural, but if Lisa McGee's intention was to end on a high, she's more than achieved it.

Between Tuesday nights finale and the bonus episode last night, we've laughed, we've cried - we've even been treated to a nifty history lesson.

And now, for the last time, here are our favourite bits from last night's episode.

The Angelus works wonders for an opening montage

The opening/closing scenes for the finale of such a beloved show are always tricky - expectations are high, emotions are bubbling and it's impossible to please everyone. As usual though, the DG team nailed it.


The Brits know less than we thought about the Good Friday Agreement

Thoughts and prayers with this lad who no doubt has long since had to mute notifications on this tweet, but he raises a very good point.

Orla McCool is non binary

Okay, this one we don't know for sure, but a quick Google search will show you it's a popular fan theory. No doubt aware of this, Louisa Harland who plays Orla said goodbye to the character on Instagram with the message - "Orla McCool. What an honour. I’ll miss them forever".


Louisa also divulged that she wears shorts instead of a school skirt when playing Orla.

You can be Irish, you can be British, or you can be Bi

You heard it from Aunt Sarah first.

Ardal O Hanlon has some set of legs on him


We were all here for a final sneaky cameo from Ardal, and a peep at his excellent pins.

Erin and James totally get it on

That's my story and I'm sticking to it - the final look between them after Erin's monologue about the future says it all. Lisa McGee obviously knows that all the greatest tv love stories are only truly great during the will they/won't they phase - it's almost as if once you actually see them together, the spell is broken. We've been given the gift of being left to our own devices to imagine James and Erin's wonderful love story.

If you dream it, you can achieve it


Case in point, this tweet:

Now for a rewatch of all three seasons, while patiently awaiting the announcement of a Christmas special.

Header image via Twitter/sarahisnotthere

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