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20th Dec 2016

7 Things You Need To Know If You’re Going To Body & Soul This Weekend


Well hello there Body and Soul, you big roide!

Three glorious days of the best fun ever are just around the corner, so we’ve drawn up a helpful little list of you need to know for the weekend ahead..

1. Important times

The festival officially opens at 12pm on Friday June 17.

Opening hours:

  • Friday – Car parks 9am – Box Office 9am – Campsites 12pm – Arena 3pm. 

Box Office closes at 11pm. No entry to site after 11pm without ticket.

  • Saturday – Car parks 9am – Box Office 9am – Arena 10am

Box Office closes 10pm. No entry to site after 10pm without ticket.

  • Sunday  – Car parks 12pm – Box Office 12pm – Arena 10am

Box Office closes 8pm. No entry after 8pm.

The whole festival closes its gates for one more year at 2pm on Monday June 20.

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2. Getting there

The two easiest options are getting the festival bus, or driving.

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If you’re driving you can get exact directions here.

3. Weather

For now it looks pretty peachy, but a raincoat would be advisable!

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4. Must-see acts

Friday: BadBadNotGood, Optimo, EMBRZ, DJ Deece

Saturday: St Germain, Floating Points (Live), Neon Indian, Sally & Glammo

Sunday: Slow Magic, David August, Roisin El Cherif, Santigold

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You can check out the full lineup and scheduling here.

5. Here’s what the new site layout looks like

Screen Shot 2016 06 15 At 15 16 49

Click here to download a copy of the map to your phone.

6. What’s the story with booze?

Everyone is allowed the following quantities of alcohol:

24 x 500 ml cans of beer, cider or ready mix drinks and one 750 ml bottle of wine (decanted into a plastic bottle)


1 x 750ml bottle of spirits and one 750 ml bottle of wine (decanted into a plastic bottle)


3 bottles of wine (decanted into a plastic bottle) / or 1 x 2 litre wine box

Sunday ticketholders are not allowed to enter with alcohol.

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Body & Soul love their attendees so much that they operate a super sound ‘free flow’ system once you’re inside the festival gates. 

So there’ll be no need to hide your drink as you go past security into the main arena – you and your alcohol are free to roam wherever you wish. Happy daaaays!

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7. You’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you don’t….

  • Get a midnight hot tub in the woods with your pals
  • Head to The Glasshouse for some cocktails and a bop
  • Attend The Mother Guilty Pleasures Sing Along at 6pm on Saturday
  • Go for a shpin on the chairoplanes at 3am
  • Treat yo’self to a cold bottle of prosecco in the walled gardens
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Gah, we’re very excited altogether!

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