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13th Oct 2017

8 Super Snuggly Jumpers You Can Get In Zara Right Now


Okay okay, we know we have a looooad of jumpers from last winter (and the one before that…), but this season it just seems like the jumpers are WAY too cute to resist.

We’ve been getting seriously tempted with all the rich mustard colours, petrol blues and cosy wooly fabrics, and lookit, it’s getting colder and we can’t take it anymore.

Jumpers, c’mere.

Here’s eight super snuggly ones you can get in Zara right now that will keep you warm until long after Christmas.

Grey Lace Sweater €49.95

The subtle lace detail adds extra texture, and that charcoal grey would go with everrrrythang in our wardrobe.

Embroidered jumper with cuff detail €39.95

The perfect jumper for people like myself who want to wear bright colours but are secretly terrified of them.

Braided Sleeve Sweater €39.95

This is like the cosiest ballerina-esque jumper ever. Love.

Red Bow Tie Sweater €29.95

Poppin’ red knit, and it’s tied at the back with a cute pale pink bow. 

Ribbed Bandeau Sweater €29.95

The cowl neck of this jumper can be work snuggled up around you or off shoulder for a Flashdance vibe.

Mustard Yellow Chenile Jumper €29.95

This is like knitted gold. So rich and warm, and SO comfy.

Oversized Pom Pom €39.95

‘Cos every gal needs something with pom poms on it this season. Swear.

Mohair Geomatric Jumper €59.95

Super classy, and will still look just as stylish next season.

Which one will you be rushing out to buy?

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