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8 Great Debates That Are Guaranteed To Divide The Nation (And Your Friends)

By AmyBell

August 18, 2017 at 4:07pm


We all know that us Irish folk are very vocal about what we believe in.

We have a lot of opinions on everything. 

You name it and we'll argue about it - and one topic on Reddit that is getting a lot of attention is unpopular Irish opinions that make us truly unique. 

Here are 8 debates and opinions that are so very Irish...

1. 'A bag of cans' Vs bottles of alcohol

Reddit user scardiff98 sparked off a debate we all know too well, when he started the much argued debate over bottles of alcohol being better than cans. 

Many argue that buying a nice 'bag of cans' is better while others think a cold bottle of beer is much more enjoyable. Then again, bottles cost more and you get more alcohol with cans.

What do you think? 

2. GAA Vs Rugby Vs Football

Many flock from afar to Croke Park in Dublin to see their county battle it out during a game of GAA. However, there are some that give their allegiance to rugby - while others find kicking the ball around the field a source of better entertainment. 

Each to their own. 

3. Coke Vs Pepsi 

This is apparently a big deal. The look of horror on someone's face when you tell them you prefer Pepsi over Coke. It's as if you had two heads. You're surely not human, do you even have taste buds? 

4. The Irish language is 'useless' (and dying)

Saying that the Irish language is 'dying' or 'useless' is something that is argued pretty much everywhere in Ireland. For some counties, it's their native tongue and it's definitely a big part of our identity and culture. On the flip side, many of us will just learn it in school and never really use it again.

Reddit user, Thelomen_Toblakai wasn't afraid to speak his mind.

It definitely started a debate straight away...

5. Tayto Vs King crisps

Although both brands are part of the same company Largo Foods, you could lose friends for your opinion on this. There's nothing like a good crisp sandwich but it all really depends on what crisps you use. This controversy will split the nation.

6. Barrys Vs Lyons tea

The 'what do you mean you made me tea with that?' argument is serious when it comes to this beverage of kings. As a nation that loves tea, that stock of Barrys or Lyons in your cupboards could be the start of an argument. 

But then you'll talk it over with a good chat and a cuppa. It's the Irish way.

7. Constantly complaining about the cold weather

Let's face it. Ireland is, in no way, a hot country. We do get decent weather every now and again and the whole nation turns red from sunburn. Then we complain about that.

But usually at least a few times a week, you hear someone complain about the freezing weather.

Reddit user quietpayload said, "I think that Irish people are cowards in regards to cold weather/climate. The amount of people I've met who have absolutely no tolerance for even the slightest amount of cold weather is astounding."

Are we all that obsessed with the weather?

8. The most shocking view of all: "potatoes are shite"

Ah a good stew, or Dublin coddle, or even chicken and mash. We are a nation that loves weirdly shaped objects that grow in our ground. Potatoes. It's a stereotypical Irish thing. Tourists think all that we eat are potatoes. 

But this Reddit user doesn't agree:

We are lost for words.

Do you agree or disagree with any of these? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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