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10th Dec 2017

Nine Signs You’re Truly And Utterly Obsessed With Christmas


It’s that time of the year yet again, and if you’re a die-hard Christmas fan you’ll be counting down the days just like us.

While you might be merry and jumping around at the idea of seeing the Christmas lights up on the streets and getting your xmas shopping done, others (read: The Grinch), prob think you’re truly mad and say you have the ‘Christmas fever’.

If you’re in denial over whether you’re festive crazy, here’s nine signs you’re utterly obsessed with Christmas.

1. Once Halloween is over all you can think about is Christmas

It’s November 1st and that only means one thing – the countdown to the big day begins.

You’ll probably start planning your shopping around it and take those Christmas jumpers out of the wardrobe and dust them off.

Once October is over, duh – it’s basically Christmas.

2. You start blaring Michael Buble’s Christmas album all day, every day

He has a voice that would make anyone melt, and once it’s hit you that it’s coming up to Christmas it’s the first album you resort to.

You play it on your commute to work, you listen to it on the way home and you have a little dance around singing your heart out while decorating the tree.

3. You have tonnes of Christmas jumpers and still buy a new one every year

But they’re all so sparkly and warm… You need a few that you can alternate wearing once it’s December. It makes sense to buy just one more – right!?

4. You go overboard with decorations

Let’s face it, most of us love a bit of sparkle but some of us like to have hundreds of lights not only on our Christmas tree but around the house and even outside.

You constantly buy new decorations to add to your house which looks like a Winter Wonderland.

It takes a lot of time to put them up and take them back down afterwards, but it’s so worth it.

5. You start your Christmas shopping SUPER early

While it’s nice to pick up a few bits and bobs on Christmas Eve just to soak up the atmopshere – you’re not the type who will be running around stressing to get a lot of their shopping.

You plan all of your festive shopping way ahead and you love the gift wrap them all perfectly and sit them under your tree, dying to give them to your nearest and dearest.

6. Hot chocolate replaces your tea and coffee you usually drink

Hot chocolate of all kinds because your go-to hot drink, and all that boring tea and coffee can wait until the Christmas season is over.

You probably have a stash of your favourite hot chocolate at home (and those little marshmallows of course) and whenever you go out shopping you just have to get chocolatey drink.

7. Your idea of a perfect night in is a Christmas movie marathon

When it’s cold outside and coming towards the weekend, rather than going out all the time (except for when its 12 pubs of Christmas time) you would much rather curl up in a blanket with your hot chocolate and snacks and watch a tonne of Christmas movies.

From Elf, Home Alone and even Die Hard you go through them all (and you can probably recite a lot of them too).

8. You go to all the Christmas festivities in your area

From ice-skating, the panto, Christmas markets galore – you’re at pretty much everything that is Christmas related.

The idea of seeing the Christmas lights in the town even excites you and makes you feel like a child, and you love soaking up all the festive atmosphere.

9. And finally… You’re classed as the crazy Christmas person

You know you’re well and truly obsessed when everyone you know refers to you as the “Christmas crazy person.”

If you’re renowned for that, then you know you’ve made it to that stage and there’s no return.

Embrace it, because Christmas only happens once a year!

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