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28th Nov 2017

A New David Attenbourough Documentary Will Be Released In 2018 And It Sounds Magical


The man with the most magical voice and the most fascinating insight into animals from all over the globe, David Attenborough has been bringing pure class to our TV screens ever since we were mere atoms floating in the earth. 

His legendary Blue Planet and Planet Earth docs provide us with endless hungover viewing, and now we have the joy of looking forward to another spellbinding doc from him in 2018.

Waking Giants is a ‘pre-historic detective story’

Presented by Sir David Attenborough, Waking Giants tells the remarkable story of one of the ‘dinosaur finds of the century’ – 200 bones from seven giant creatures that have recently been unearthed after 100 million years of lying undiscovered beneath the South American desert – one thigh bone alone measures 2.4 metres – an absolute record.

Sir David and the team think they could have stumbled upon the largest dinosaur and indeed the largest animal that has ever walked on Earth. To prove this, they must race to unearth the rest of the bones and erect a skeleton – no mean feat given they estimate it to be 40m long. Meanwhile, Sir David links together clues from the bones with evidence from living giants like elephants and giraffes to reveal new ideas as to how and why these dinosaurs grew to be the size of whales!

In this extraordinary pre-historic detective story, Sir David investigates a once-in-a-lifetime discovery that experts believe will rewrite text books and could change the way we look at dinosaurs forever.

We’re counting down the days until this airs on BBC!

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