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21st Nov 2017

A Study Has Found That Men Up North Are Bigger Down South

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

A recent survey conducted by London International Andrology clinic has found that men from Northern Ireland have a bigger penis size to men in the Republic.

The study found that the average size for men up North was 6.35 inches, which is almost completely on a par to British men who averaged at 6.36 inches.

This is a full inch on the men of the Republic of Ireland who are only tipping the five inch mark.

If size does matter, however the Welsh topped the leader board on this one. Their trouser snakes averaged at 6.56 inches. Funnily enough the survey also found that the Welsh have the least amount of sex, with only 33% doing the deed once a week.

Don’t worry though lads, apparently size doesn’t really matter. The survey also found that 60.7% of women respondents were satisfied with their partner’s penis size


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