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18th Apr 2018

A Thrilling True Crime Series That Had Everyone Talking Is Coming To Irish Netflix


Was it murder, or an accident? That was the question on everyone’s mind following Kathleen Peterson’s death in 2001. 

Netflix has announced that it will soon be airing The Staircase, the compelling story of Michael Peterson, a crime novelist accused of killing wife Kathleen after she is found dead at the bottom of a staircase in their home, and the 16 year judicial battle that followed.  

Netflix will air three brand new episodes alongside the original 2004 series.

Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade was granted unusual access to the case immediately following Kathleen’s death in 2001 in Durham, North Carolina. Her husband, Michael, a local public figure and successful novelist, quickly becomes the prime suspect. 

De Lestrade’s cameras were on hand to capture every moment of this extraordinary story from arrest to verdict, following in intimate detail Peterson’s home, the family and his defence team as it considered its strategic options…

The Staircase is “a gripping real-life courtroom thriller, offering a rare and revealing inside-look at a high-profile murder trial and is an engrossing examination of contemporary American justice.”

The new episodes will premiere from the Tribeca Film Festival on April 28 and launch on Netflix this summer. 

Stay tuned…

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