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22nd Sep 2018

PIC: Aer Lingus’ Response To Irishman’s Hand Luggage Problem Is Going Insanely Viral

Darragh Berry

We often tweet our airlines in order to get a quick response regarding our flights or information about what we can bring and what we can’t bring.

Most of the time, we don’t hear anything back unless we ring them up or send a private message.

So when Eoin Murphy wanted to ask a nonsensical question about hand luggage, he probably thought it would go unnoticed.

The Waterford man asked Aer Lingus why they wouldn’t allow him to check in his biceps as hand luggage.

Their response is just pure gold:

“We’re sorry, Eoin. We just don’t allow guns in the cabin.” A phrase which has giving Eoin an already bigger head than he probably had when he asked the question.

Fair play to Aer Lingus for playing along though.

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