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20th Dec 2016

Ah Jaysus, Someone Put A Full Wheelie Bin Of Rubbish Into A Lake In Arklow


Really shocking stuff.

During a week where the whole world seems to be going into meltdown, we relish the fact that we live in one of the most forward-thinking, progressive, safe places to grow up in communities of the world.

And then we see something like this, and our hearts break all over again. 

Twitter user Martina Dunne spotted this simply awful sight recently in Arklow. 

Truly terrible. 

How could someone do such a thing? Our waste problem is getting worse and worse, and the fact that someone thought this was okay and would go unnoticed is genuinely frightening. 

Shameful behaviour, we hope this is the last incident of its kind. If the person who did it is reading this, please go back and fish it out, it’s the very least you could do.  

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