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02nd Feb 2018

An American Reddit User Has A LOT Of Questions About Irish Mammies And Donal Skehan

James Fenton

In the modern age when we stumble upon someone we’ve never heard of, the first thing we usually do is head straight for the internet to find out more about them. 

That’s exactly what American Reddit user twogunsalute did in order to gain more information on Irish chef and TV personality Donal Skehan. The original post reads:

‘Is Donal Skehan a popular tv chef? And where is his accent from?

He seems like a really nice bloke (and I just think he’s pretty) but some of his recipes are a bit odd. 

And he cooks a lot of Indian food. Is Indian that popular in Ireland?

And if you think he’s crap who are some better Irish tv chefs?’

Woah. That’s a lot of questions about the Howth native. He’s seemingly sparked some curiosity since relocating to Los Angeles. So, where to start? The accent is from Howth, Indian food is a favourite here and, well, we guess he’s pretty popular among a certain audience. 

One commenter offered the theory that said audience is mainly made of of the ‘Mammys’ of the nation. louiseber said:

 ‘Mammy’s love him. He’s from Howth in Dublin. Indian food is just his latest thing and I think it’s because it’s adaptable, and very big on the vegetables. It’s not an unpopular food style. He’s annoyingly happy all the time and never trained as a chef in the traditional sense but in the TV chef scheme of things he’s not terrible.’

This led to a whole new conversation about what the hell a ‘Mammy’ is as the original poster queried ‘Is a mammy a mum or a grandma? Or is it a subset like soccer moms in the US?’ Again the helpful louiseber responded ‘It is a type of mother subset, wouldn’t be hugely different from a Jewish mother in doting style over the sons, not as critical.’

A ‘Mammy’ is just a subset of mothers as a whole? So there are other kinds of mothers out there?

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