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19th Apr 2018

An Irish Farm Has Gone Massively Viral With Their Unusual Family Pets For Sale


Begging your parents for a puppy was the rite of passage for every child, and for the lucky few their wishes came true. 

Yes, we’re still bitter over that. 

For the kiddos of 2018 though, it looks like their family pet might be waaay different than any rabbit or kitten we were cuddling back in the 90s. 

Turra Lodge Farm in Carlow is dedicated to breeding the fluffiest, cutest pygmy goats we’ve ever seen, and apparently they’re quite popular as pets. Seriously.

The Facebook post highlighting the pygmy goats for sale as a family pet has 123k comments and over 18k likes

They sell the goats in pairs if you fancy taking two of them (they’re a herding animal so need the company) and they’re available from just €100. 

We want one. Is this the new potbellied pig?

According to a 2009 Independent UK article about pygmy goats as pets, they’re actually super friendly and clever. Cheap to keep and feed, all you need is a space to keep them, such a shed, and things for them to climb on and have the craic. 

We’re sold. 

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