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10th Jan 2021

‘Awkward Zara’ is the funniest Instagram account you’ve probably never heard of

Sarah Finnan

Awkward Zara

Some of Zara’s campaign shots are… imaginative, to say the least.

I tend to avoid the Zara website – partly because I know it’s better for my bank balance and partly because it’s so chaotic that I often don’t know where to start. Not that the in-shop experience is much different but that’s a story for another day.

One of customers’ biggest grievances with the website is often how the clothes are styled/what the models are pictured doing but some of their more recent campaign shots have really taken things to a whole new level.

With models, photographers, stylists all confined to their own houses over the past few months, shooting a new season fashion campaign seemed next to impossible given the circumstances. Thinking on their feet, the big wigs at Zara managed to come up with a solution though – get the models to shoot the campaign themselves (? all speculation at this point) at home in their own gaffs.

And well, the results are interesting.

Granting the models seemingly full creative control, many of the resulting shots do little to actually show off the clothes at all- with models pictured in an array of very questionable poses that do more to hide the outfits than anything else. They’ve definitely gotten people talking though, that’s for sure. One bemused onlooker has even set up an Instagram account dedicated to the madness.

Called ‘Awkward Zara’ it’s just as funny as you’d imagine and if you’re not following it already, then make sure you remedy that ASAP because you won’t be disappointed. Tasked with rounding up all of the questionable images from the company website, you can see some of our personal favourites below.

This one begs the question of whether the model is small or far away in relation to the shoe she’s wearing.

Some of the photos don’t feature models at all, though they’re just as puzzling, if not even more so. Is it a shirt? Is it a chair cover? Who’s to say, really.

My only explanation for this one is that the model is deeply committed to winning the game of ‘the floor is lava’ she’s currently playing. Bizarre.

Already with close to 180 different photos uploaded to the grid, there are several other gems to lol at so please do enjoy. See more here.

Imagery via Instagram/Awkward Zara

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