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19th Oct 2017

Can You Help? These Adorable Dogs Just Can’t Seem To Find A Home


Dogs Trust Ireland have released a truly heartbreaking campaign to try to get their longest dogs re-homed – some of whom have been at the centre for more than four years.

All of “The Underdogs” highlighted in the campaign have been at Dogs Trust in Finglas for at least six months and unfortunately, some have been there much longer. The longest resident Buddy has been overlooked 34,076 times since being rescued.

As a part of their moving campaign, Dogs Trust has also launched an emotive video of one of their longest residents Kyia, who arrived in the centre back in 2013. The video highlights how these adorable dogs at the centre are needlessly overlooked and sometimes just need some extra special care and attention, as well as some additional time with their potential new owners before they go home, in order to adapt to family life.

Meet some of the cuties who would love to have a home of their own…

There are a number of reasons why some dogs might get overlooked. Sometimes, if a dog has had a particularly tough start in life, he might become a little nervous or frightened and need additional care and attention in order to adjust to home life. Other times, a dog might be unfairly judged by his breed but may be the softest soul underneath his appearance.

Believe it or not, sometimes black dogs can be overlooked because they do not stand out as much as a lighter coloured dog.

Buddy – Staffordshire Bull Terrier (5-7 years)

Buddy is a long term resident here at Dogs Trust and a firm favourite amongst his carers! Buddy is similar to a cat, in that he doesn’t cope well with changes in his routine. He is quite nervous of new people so he would love to meet a family who are willing to commit to getting to know him over a period of time here at the centre.

Poor Buddy has been overlooked for adoption 34,076 times since being rescued.

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Bran – Collie (8+ years)

Bran is a real foodie who adores his grub so getting to know him shouldn’t take too long. He seeks affection and attention but prefers a hands off approach. He’d be happiest snuggling at your side rather than being petted and fussed.

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Dogs Trust is working towards the day when all dogs can enjoy a happy life, free from the threat of unnecessary destruction, and has a non-destruction policy; we never destroy a healthy dog.

If you feel like you are responsible enough to give one of these loving pups a happy and healthy forever home, learn more about adopting a dog here.

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