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12th Nov 2018

Cheryl Responds To Criticism Over Her ‘Changing Face’ After Releasing New Video

Kiara Keane

Cheryl gained a lot of attention with the release of the video for her new single, Love Made Me Do It – and not all of it was positive.

The singer attracted a wave of comments about her appearance, with fans claiming that she looked like she’d had some plastic surgery.

She’s now responded to the harsh criticism of her looks, as well as discussing life since giving birth to her son one-year-old son Bear in a new interview with the Sunday Times Style magazine.

She said, “My whole body, even my face, everything’s changed since Bear was born.

“But I feel like I’m better than who I was. I don’t care what my body looks like in that respect. I’m not obsessed about it.

“I created a life! I’m amazed by myself. And I’m kinder to myself because of it. I focus less on my insecurities because they’re so much less relevant.”

Cheryl revealed in the interview that she suffered from gestational diabetes during her pregnancy and that she had a C-section.

She added, “I feel full. My heart’s full, I’m fulfilled. I’m not looking for anything any more. I’m whole. I’ve got the man of my dreams.”

Image via Cheryl Official YouTube

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