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15 Classic Irish Ads That Every Irish Person Can Quote

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In the age of Netflix and ad blockers, it seems we just don’t appreciate a good ad like we used to.

Irish television has gifted us with some gems over the years, advertisements we looked forward to seeing again and enjoying with friends and family.

The best ads really stick in your memory, with their best quotes staying with you for decades after first hearing them.

Here are some of the most quotable ads to ever grace an Irish TV…

1. “You mean the two-week free gaff is gone?!”

2. “Is this a date?”

3. “Is maith liom cáca milis”

4. “Where I’m standing, an Inch is a mile”

5. “Now it’s really breakfast time back home”

6. “Who’s taking the horse to France?”

7. “222222, 1890 222222”

8. “And oh, she was the Sunday in every week”

9. “I said to my trainer, ‘put on more weights’. He said, ‘there are no more'”

10. “I forget to introduce my other friend, Toto, Toto Schilacci…”

11. “And now we live in… Terenure!”

12. “We’re only up the road from Croker sure”

13. “I don’t know what a tracker mortgage is”

14. “It’s not your Wadi… it’s Mi Wadi!”

15. “She slapped me. I left them in”

Can you remember any other quotable Irish ads? Let us know in the comments.

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