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05th Dec 2017

PIC: This Mistaken Irish Road Marking Could Have Caused Absolute Mayhem


Belfast drivers were left wondering what to do at this road marking yesterday.

Just beyond a traffic light junction on the Upper Newtownards Road with the junction of Castlehill Road, a road marking was clearly painted wrong, leaving motorists confused.

The arrow that was incorrectly painted on to the tarmac directed motorists back out into oncoming traffic.

The mistake was spotted by a motorist who took to Twitter yesterday to get it sorted.

Clare Daly posted a tweet that read: ‘Not sure who to tweet about this, but the road marking to turn right onto the Castlehill Road from Upper N’Roads has been painted on wrong after resurfacing…’

And it wasn’t long before the Department of Infrastructure responded to confirm that the problem had since been rectified.

They tweeted saying: ‘The road marking was rectified earlier today.’