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06th Feb 2020

Dancing With The Stars to have first same-sex dancing partners this week

Sarah Finnan

same-sex dancing partners

This is a first for the series.

Dancing With The Stars will feature their first same-sex dancing partners this week – the first time for the show to do so in both Irish and UK history.

Part of switch-up week – which sees celebrity contestants change partners for one week only – this week will see Brian Dowling and Lottie Ryan pair up with dancers Kai Widdrington and Emily Barker respectively.

Former Big Brother winner and well-known TV personality Brian Dowling had expressed his interest in dancing with a male partner when first approached about appearing on Dancing With The Stars and it seems that he’s gotten his wish.

Speaking to RTE, Dowling said that he is honoured to be part of the first all-male couple.

“This is about visibility and starting a conversation. Myself and Kai can now dance on the biggest entertainment show on Irish television, I think that is phenomenal.

It has taken a long time to get Ireland here and I’m chuffed that I can be part of that. This is celebrating the fact that two guys can dance together on national television. I will be emotional on the night. I’m an out gay man and I’m married, and this is really important to me.”

Lottie Ryan echoed the sentiments saying: “for a prime time family show to be so progressive and inclusive is an honour to be part of”.

The full list of partners and the dances they will be performing for switch-up week is as follows:

Aidan Fogarty and Kylee Vincent – Cha-Cha-Cha

Ryan Andrews and Laura Nolan – Waltz

Fr Ray Kelly and Giulia Dotta – Charleston

Mary Kennedy and Ryan McShane – Jive

Gráinne Gallanagh and Pasquale La Rocca – Rumba

Sinéad O’Carroll and John Nolan – Viennese Waltz

Lottie Ryan and Emily Barker – Charleston

Brian Dowling and Kai Widdrinton – Quickstep

Viewers should also note that Dancing With The Stars will move to Saturday evening at 6:35pm on RTE One due to coverage of the General Election on Sunday.

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