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05th Jul 2018

Danny Dyer Will Have Love Island Showdown With “Future Son-In-Law” Jack

Darragh Berry

Propa, sorted.

It looks like Danny Dyer will in fact head into the villa to see his pride and joy, Dani, meaning he will come face to face with Jack for the first time.

It was rumoured only yesterday that it looked unlikely Danny Dyer would be in the villa for the ‘meet the parents’ section of the show at the end of the series,

According to The Sun:

“Danny had booked time off work long before his daughter Dani had any inkling she would be going on Love Island.

“All his time off the soap had to be pre-booked with EastEnders to stop all the cast being off work at the same time.

“He has things already lined up during his time off, but there is a chance he could do a U-turn and change his mind to support Dani. The show has really grown on him.

“But as things stand, he has prior commitments and won’t be joining his daughter in Mallorca.”

However, Danny Dyer has since tweeted that he’s going into the villa to “sign [Jack’s] canvas” whatever the eff that means…

Whatever that means, it doesn’t sound like it’s good.

Then again, all that cockney slang is so confusing, it might just mean he wants to give him a hug? Hardly though.

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