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08th Feb 2020

‘Dogs at polling stations’ is trending and it’s all you need to see today

James Fenton

Voting in the General Election is underway and there are plenty of talking points. It seems though that ‘dogs at polling stations’ is the topic on everyone’s lips, or fingertips to put it more accurately.

Elections can be a stressful time with people unsure about which way to vote so there’s no harm in bringing your best pal along to the polling station for moral support.

That’s exactly what a lot of Irish people appear to be doing today as they cast their vote in the General Election, with enough people sharing pictures of their pooch at their voting centres for ‘#dogsatpollingstations’ to be among the top trends in the country today.

Before you head out to vote yourself, or if you’re just back, you can take some time to scroll through some of the best General Election dog pics below, starting with the adorable Róisín…

If we could vote for them all we would. There are plenty more where that came from if you follow the hashtag #dogsatpollingstations on Twitter and they’re only going to multiply throughout the day. If you can think of a more productive way to spend a Saturday afternoon, we’d like to hear it.

Oh, and polling stations are open until 10pm for dog owners and non dog owners alike.

(header pic: Conor McGee)