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11th Oct 2022

‘Dom-nom-nall’ Gleeson calls out Stephen Colbert for name mispronunciation 

Katy Thornton

gleeson stephen colbert

Domhnall having his own “take my name out of your mouth” moment.

Domnhall Gleeson recently made an appearance on The Late Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss his new series The Patient where he stars alongside Steve Carrell. Colbert indeed had Carrell on the show a few weeks prior to discuss the same thing, where Gleeson’s name naturally came up. Or unnaturally I guess, given how Colbert pronounced it.

Not one to let the opportunity to ridicule pass, Gleeson brings it up with Stephen Colbert in his own interview, calling him out for pronouncing it as, “Dom-nom-nall.” Colbert instantly creases into laughter – you can watch below (skip to 2:30).

Gleeson goes on to say, “It was a car crash. It was a mess.” Colbert insists he can’t be blamed for the mistake and that Irish names are impossible, to which Gleeson hastily responds, “I’m not going to take this from a Coal-bert.” Both presenter and actor shook hands afterwards, signalling it was all in good fun.

And look, I get where Gleeson is coming from. As someone who spells their name ‘Katy’ (which isn’t even an Irish name or an uncommon one) instead of the arguably more traditional ‘Katie’, I get all sorts of random pronunciations, most commonly ‘Cat-y’. I have never met a person called Katy pronounced as ‘Cat-y’, but hey, it must be common given how often I’m called it.

Still, there’s something about “Dom-nom-nall” that has a funny little ring to it.

Header image via Youtube

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