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12th May 2018

The Gardaí Really Can’t Help Themselves With These Awful Dad Jokes On Twitter

James Fenton

It’s a fine weekend for music with Ed Sheeran playing in Galway tonight and tomorrow and Ryan O’Shaughnessy doing us proud down in Lisbon at the Eurovision. 

Whenever there’s any kind of big event in the country, you can count on the Gardaí to throw a few a few dad jokes on Twitter and they certainly haven’t let us down. 

Firstly, they advised followers that the only ’12 points’ they want to see this weekend is in Portugal. Bonus points for that brilliant ‘nil pwa’ remark. 

Secondly, they showed off their Ed knowledge with this reference-heavy picture of Salthill. 

Groan. Two important messages delivered through the time-honoured medium of the pun. Fair play. 

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