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06th May 2021

“Eleven, are you listening?” – Eerie new teaser for Stranger Things 4 released

James Fenton

A new teaser for the upcoming series of Stranger Things is here and it’s sure to get fans of the Netflix sci-fi favourite very excited indeed.

In what appears to be a flashback to Eleven’s past, the new Stranger Things teaser seems to be set at Hawkins National Laboratory, which was run by the evil Dr. Martin Brenner. In it, we hear a number of children referring to him as “Papa” before it all wraps up with Brenner saying “Eleven, are you listening?”

What do we learn from the clip? Well, not much but it is a little bit eerie and sets the scene up nicely ahead of the expected release of Stranger Things 4 in 2022. Have a look at the teaser below…

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