Enjoy Weed? You'll Love This New Cookbook


When you think of people cooking with cannabis you usually think of students trying cookies or brownies and that is as far as it goes. However with Cannabis becoming legal in the USA (17 states and counting so far) there is a huge new industry popping up around the drug (or herb as the cookbook writers would prefer you to call it). Herb is a high end cook book the likes of which any decent celebrity chef would be proud and it is coming to the market early next year after they raised their crowd funding campaign.


The team behind this said...

Hundreds of thousands of cannabis-based recipes have been shared on TheStonersCookbook.com since 2006. We reach 120 million people per month, and we're often asked "Where do I get the real cookbook?", or "Which recipes do you guys like?" Managing a cooking community is very different than selling a physical cookbook. But with cannabis on 17 ballots in the US this November and legalization gaining steam worldwide, we feel the time is right to give you what you've been asking for.We're excited to announce HERB — the new cookbook from the folks behind The Stoner's Cookbook.

Not really for us to say if this is right or wrong given that weed is illegal in Ireland but with countries around the world starting to relax their laws the timing of this book could be just right. More info here

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Niall Harbison

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