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20th Dec 2016

Facebook Just Launched A Very Important New App


Facebook consumes a huge portion of our online time (especially so on mobile) – and today they are making a play to grab even more of it.

They’ve just launched their news app Notify on iOS (and coming to Android soon).

The app launches with some of the biggest media companies in the world as partners, and allows you to tailor the information you get notifications about. It will be a separate experience to the main app, and Facebook are essentially trying to own the “lock screen” so that you skip straight into their services on a regular basis throughout the day.


This app is clearly another attack on Google; an attempt to bring content to you without you having to go searching for it.

Twitter has owned breaking news for the last few years but if this takes off it could also pose problems for them especially if Facebook force it onto their 1.5 billion users in the same way they did with Messenger.

Get all the info about it here.