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26th Dec 2017

Fans Weren’t At All Impressed With Last Night’s Mrs Brown’s Boys ‘Big Reveal’

Megan Cassidy

The Christmas special of Mrs Brown’s Boys aired last night after weeks of speculation as to who would replace the iconic Rory Cowan. 

Fans were devastated when Rory announced he would be leaving the BBC show because he “wasn’t happy” in the role, insisting there were no hard feelings with the cast. 

Teasers for the Xmas special showed Rory’s replacement wrapped in bandages after having plastic surgery, with Brendan O’Carroll assuring viewers that the replacement was “really, really good”. 

However, when it came to the actual moment last night, fans were left a little… underwhelmed. 

Professional snooker player Damien McKiernan was revealed as Rory’s replacement, and a lot of viewers had the same reaction… ‘who is he?’ 

Meanwhile, actor Richie Hayes who played a cameo part in the special as Cathy’s date, Jake, went down an absolute storm. 

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