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12 Vivid Memories You'll Have If You Used To Irish Dance

By clodagh

May 21, 2019 at 1:05pm


Irish dancing is a worldwide sport, with millions taking part in competitions and lessons everyday.

Just like here at home.

Irish dancing remains incredibly popular, without almost every child trying it out at one stage or another.

Learning to Irish dance is a very particular experience, and if you've ever taken lessons, these will take you back:

1. Learning to count in Irish

If you were never sure of your numbers before you started dancing, you definitely knew your haon, dó, trís after.

2. Being made perform at family parties

You were always the party piece as you jigged your way around the dining table.

Shutterstock 116840989

3. The pain

The balls of your feet were in constant agony, not to mention your calf muscles.

Shutterstock 415098181

4. Dreaming about what dress you'd get to wear

Especially if you started as a young girl, you would drool over the costumes the older girls got to wear.

5. Your medals being your pride and joy

They were hung around the house, with pride.

Shutterstock 107392412

6. Wearing your hard shoes around your house

When you finally got to wear them, you never took them off.

Shutterstock 78314599

7. The hairspray

Elnett, specifically. And the clips. And the curlers.

And the pain.

8. Performing at every local St. Patrick's Day parade

Even though you were freezing in your skirt and there was no one to watch.

Shutterstock 563422864

9. Getting juice and biscuits after class

Usually because you practised in the Parish centre.

Shutterstock 112637375

10. The socks

Which would leave dents on your legs and that you never really had enough of.

11. Still walking with your back up straight

Your posture, to this day, is impeccable.

Shutterstock 276062924

12. You still like to whip out your moves on nights out

With a little help from your friend: alcohol.


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