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03rd Dec 2021

Happy Birthday Amanda Seyfried, here’s her top movie hits

Katy Thornton

If you were looking for a movie to watch this Friday evening, why not one of Amanda Seyfried’s on her big day?

Just as we had to celebrate Rachel McAdams for giving us Regina George, we have to give kudos to Amanda Seyfried for bringing us Karen Smyth. Seyfried turns 36 today, and she is the queen of romcoms.

Mean Girls (2004)

Where: Netflix

Do you really need an excuse to rewatch the cinema masterpiece that is Mean Girls? No, you probably don’t, but if you did just watch it two weeks ago when it was Rachel McAdam’s birthday, then take this as a sign that it’s okay to watch it again. Karen Smyth and her weather predicting abilities and mouse costume are waiting for you!

Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Where: Disney Plus 

While this is normally a movie where people focus on Megan Fox (and we get it), attention must be paid to Amanda Seyfried’s character Needy. When Jennifer becomes a succubus, her best friend Needy must attempt to stop her from eating all the boys in their class. This film has had a recent resurgence in popularity, and anyone who was into Tumblr back in the day will know it had a huge cult following.

Mamma Mia! (2008)

Where: Netflix

Who doesn’t love Mamma Mia!? This film scarcely needs an introduction, but we’ll give it one anyway. Sophie (Seyfried) is about to get married, and wants to know who her father is, so she invites three men from her mother’s (Meryl Streep) past in the hopes of figuring out who it is. There’s no better way to spend a Friday evening than this!

Lovelace (2013)

Where: YouTube

This film is a little different for Seyfried. It’s darker, and based on a true story of Linda Lovelace, who is coerced into the porn industry by her husband Chuck (Peter Sarsgaard). While there are some difficult scenes, it tells the incredible life of Linda Lovelace, and everything she had to overcome to reclaim ownership of her self. It’s one of Seyfried’s best performances.

Dear John (2010)

Where: Netflix

Seyfried stars alongside Channing Tatum in this Nicholas Sparks adaptation. John (Tatum) meets Savannah (Seyfried) and the pair quickly fall in love. John re-enlists in the war after 9/11, and the couple try to stay in touch through letters, but the distance proves to be difficult on them both. This is a classic romance film, and if you loved The Notebook, you’ll probably love this.

Letters to Juliet (2010)

Where: Netflix

Another feel good romcom follows Sophie (Seyfried) an aspiring writer as she travels to Italy with her fiancée (Gael Garcia Bernal) and meets the secretaries of Juliet, a group of women who respond to letters asking for help with love. Sophie finds one belonging to Claire (Vanessa Redgrave), a woman looking for her lost love, and strives to help her, but finds herself constantly at odds with Claire’s grandson Charlie (Christopher Egan).

Honourable Mentions

Ted 2 (2015), Chloe (2009), and Les Misérables (2012) all deserve a shoutout as good Amanda Seyfried films too. We’ve given you plenty of options now for a movie night in honour of the birthday girl!

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