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25th Jun 2021

Here are eight great movies on tv tonight

Lynda Keogh

Didn’t get a restaurant booking for tonight?

If you missed out on a booking and are at home this evening, don’t fret! From comedies, to musical numbers and classic dramas – there’s plenty on tv tonight to keep you occupied.

13 Going on 30 – Comedy Central, 6pm

On her 13th birthday, Jenna Rink wishes over and over that she could be “Thirty, Flirty and Thriving”. Her birthday wish comes true, and she wakes up as her thirty year old self who is now a magazine editor. But, being thirty isn’t all that it seems!

Cars 3 – RTE, 6.35pm

With the iconic voice of Owen Wilson, Lightening Mc Queen is back on the scene. Winning doesn’t seem as easy this time around as the next generation begin to take over the track.

What Happens in Vegas – Comedy Central, 8pm

Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz wake up after a wild and drunken night in Las Vegas, to find that they are now married. Eek! Things get a little more complicated when they later win $3 million dollars – but considering they barely know each other, who will get to keep the cash?

Coyote Ugly – ITV 2, 8.05pm

Violet is a shy, country girl who takes on New York City as an aspiring singer-songwriter. She ends up working at a loud and lively bar in the city, forming a bond with her colleagues and begins to come out of her shell. We guarantee you’ll be belting out ‘Can’t fight the moonlight’ by the end of the film.

Ghost – Sky One, 9pm

Sam (Patrick Swayze) is murdered but his spirit stays connected to his lover Molly. With the help of a psychic, Sam is still able to warn Molly that her life is in danger. (We all remember that pottery wheel scene)

Mamma Mia – RTE, 9.40pm 

Amanda Seyfried is Sophie, a bride-to-be searching for her real father before she gets married. Things get interesting when three men turn up. Watch the drama unfold to the music of 1970s ABBA. A star studded cast, and a brilliant sound track – we dare you not to sing along!

The Program – TG4, 10pm

Irish journalist David Walsh suspects champion cyclist Lance Armstrong might not be playing by the rules. Walsh begins to investigate Armstrong and his incredible achievements in the Tour de France, and the potential use of banned substances in order to reach this elite-level.

Pride – RTE 2, 11.50pm

Based on a true story, British gay rights activists become unlikely allies to coal miners during their lengthy strike in the summer of 1984.

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