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20th Dec 2016

Here Come The Swiss – TAG Heuer Has Launched This Google-Powered Smart Watch


As you would expect, Swiss watch makers have been slow and measured in their response to the Apple Watch.

Rather than rush a substandard product out like other manufacturers, TAG Heuer has waited to launch one this week – a full five months after the Cupertino giants.

Their watch is a partnership with Google and Intel, coming in at $1500, and is based on a classic design rather than trying to introduce a new form factor.


The watch uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone and comes with an impressive 4GB of storage.

Surprisingly the watch doesn’t come with a speaker so all notifications come via vibration, though it does boast an impressive 30 hour battery life.

You’ll be able to buy one of these from the 9th November in New York and it will continue to roll out across the world in the next month.