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20th Dec 2016

Here’s How You Can Make Your iPhone’s Battery Last Longer

Alana Laverty

iPhone battery are not the most reliable things. At all.

You leave your beloved phone charging all night, giving it the well-deserved beauty sleep that it needs while you get some of the same. 

And then BOOM by lunchtime the next day it’s already dying on you. 


Here are some tips to make that battery last longer throughout the day:

1. Don’t bother closing apps

Some people imagine that the apps listed when they double tap the Home button are actually still open in the background and using battery life, but they usually aren’t. 

Outside of the ones listed in ‘Background App Refresh’ the vast majority of apps are not doing anything when they’re not in use. 

You can actually end up draining more battery by double tapping the Home button and quitting them all the time, so don’t do it

2. Turn off ‘Background App Refresh’

As mentioned above – turn this yoke off. 

Go to Settings > General > Background App Refresh and take a look at what’s listed. Do you really need all those apps updating themselves in the background and draining your battery life?

The answer is no. So turn off all the apps you don’t need to update automatically. You don’t need ’em. 

3. Turn down the volume

Consider turning the volume down on your iPhone and using headphones whenever possible, thus allowing you to reduce the impact of audio on your phone’s battery life. If you take a look in Settings > Music, you can also set a volume limit and turn the EQ off to save even more power.


4. Turn on Low Power Mode 

Low Power Mode only recently became my new best friend. 

If you have iOS 9 or later installed on your iPhone, then you can take advantage of Apple’s Low Power Mode. You’ll find the toggle to turn it on in Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. The feature temporarily turns off or reduces mail fetch, Siri functions, background app refresh, automatic downloads, and some visual effects until you fully charge your iPhone.


5. Reduce yo screen brightness

An obvious one. But it still needs to be said. 

The screen drains battery faster than anything else and the brighter it is, the faster it drains. Turn off Auto-brightness and just adjust the brightness to your desired amount. 

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