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22nd Oct 2017

Here’s What Your Choice Of Pre-Drink Says About You

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Shneaky naggin

You love the sesh but you’re trying not to take it too far tonight. 

You can’t understand how your naggin can only last you for three or four drinks. You think you’re sober before you’re heading out and then the air hits you. 

It’s going to be a messy night, especially because you’re a divil for mixing. As soon as you see Jägerbombs on the menu you can’t say no.

Gin & tonic

You think you’re classy AF and you’ve been known to have an air of notions about you. You’re that person who will bring their own limes to a session and slice them up for everyone, because God forbid you’d drink your G&T without one.

White wine

You start off the night thinking that you’re sophisticated AF, but three glasses in and you’re a hot mess. You always seem to underestimate how much you can actually stomach.

Wine hangovers are the absolute worst, so be careful!


You’re probably a culchie who loves “mad banter”. You can be found playing kings and chanting rebel tunes at every session. 

You’ll rarely remember what you got up to in your drunken state, but that’s probably for the best.

Red wine

Rose cheeks and stained teeth are on the cards for anyone drinking red wine. You think you’re super mature, but you’re absolutely locked after a few glasses.

You start to find yourself becoming drowsy as the night goes on. 

Sleepy AF.

Big bag of cans with the lads

Ah ye ledge ye, you just love the sesh don’t you?

You’re a happy drunk and you love nothing more than your big bag of cans with the lads. Every session is great craic when you’re around.

A few too many, however, and you can start to get a little rowdy. 

Bottles of Corona/Miller/Bud

You love to sit down and have a chill time at pre-drinks having the chats with all of your mates. 

You’re able to hold your drink well and you’re usually the one set to look after the others. 

Dutch Gold

Ah ye cheap arse ye!

A 70cl of vodka

Yer on it like a car bonnet.

You’re going to be in a hoop if you finish a bottle of this. Legs flying all over the place, sick in your hair, no one wants to be there.

A hangover from hell will be in store for you if this is your drink of choice. 

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