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01st Nov 2017

Here’s When To Expect The John Lewis Christmas Ad 2017

Megan Cassidy

We know. The pumpkin pie isn’t even cold yet and we’re already talking Christmas, but there is a very pressing matter to hand… The John Lewis Christmas ad. 

The department store’s heart-wrenching festive ads inevitably go viral each year, with Chrimbo-lovers literally counting down the days to its release. 

When can we expect the ad to debut? 

There’s good reason to believe the ad could be released as early as this Friday. 

A quick glance at the timeline over the last few years suggests the first Friday of the month (3rd Nov ’17) is as good a bet as any for the John Lewis release date. 

In 2014 ‘Monty the Penguin’ was unveiled on Friday 7th November, while in 2015 ‘The Man on The Moon’ debuted on Friday 6th November. 

They did break with this pattern last year with Buster the Boxer who bounced onto our screens on Thursday 10th November having been teased the previous Monday. 

So what can we expect from this year’s ad? 

While the folks at John Lewis may as well be trained in intelligence – they let nothing slip – a source apparently told OK! Magazine that this year’s ad will have a Gruffalo-style theme. 

The ad will reportedly have a ‘Gruffalo’-style theme (Image via BBC)

The insider said: “It will be a million miles away from Buster the Boxer… revolving around a big cuddly monster. If you can imagine a cross between the Gruffalo and a huge cute teddy bear, that’s the angle they’ve gone for.”

“Filming for the advert wrapped a couple of months ago but they’ve been doing a lot of post production to get the special effects just right.

“Families are going to love the finished product, it’s a really emotional advert with a lovely ending.”

Get ready to ugly-cry. 

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