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03rd Sep 2018

Here’s What Sort Of Gaff €250,000 Will Get You In Ireland And Abroad


If you’re in the process of trying to buy a house in Ireland right now believe us, we feel your pain. That housing market is tough.

Irish property prices have shot up in the past few months alone. So, we wondered what exactly could you get in Dublin and Cork for €250,000, and how would those homes compare to what you could be buying in other countries in the EU?

We take a look at houses for sale in Dublin, Cork, Spain, Italy and France, to see where 250k would go the farthest.

Will you choose to stay home, or be tempted to buy away?…

Drumcondra, Dublin

What is it? One-bed, one bath terraced house

Anything special? This is close to the city centre and has “great charm and character” (their words, not ours), but it needs a big refurb for sure. Like HUGE.

Drum 1
Drum 2

Donnybrook, Cork

What is it? Three-bed, two-bath semi-detached

Anything special? This has a cute little garden, is in a quiet cul-de-sac (so makes it ideal for families), and is roomy enough.


Lombardy, Italy

What is it? One-bed one-bath apartment

Anything special? THAT VIEW?! Sure, it’s a little on the smaller side, but we would pay endless cash to wake up to such a beautiful view of Lake Como. Oh, there’s also a swimming pool in the complex.



What is it? Two-bed, two-bath detached house

Anything special? This place has its own pool, its own pizza oven, a shower room with a sauna, and a tropical private garden with palm trees, pine trees and many fruit trees.


Aquitaine, France

What is it? Five-bed townhouse WITH a boutique shop

Anything special? Yes and YES. This 18th-century home has a “béarnaise balcony” along the outside, a cute store downstairs, charming original features. It’s adorable.

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BRB moving to France…

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