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20th Dec 2016

How To Block Valentine’s Day Updates On Facebook And Twitter


It’s not that I have overly strong opinions about how people should prove their love for one another but I do fucking hate how commercialised the 14th of February is. There shouldn’t be just one day out of 365 days of the year to go OTT with silly gifts and spend a fortune on your other half. Also, I genuinely think that people have lost the run of themselves by spending too much time playing up to social media on special occasions. It drives me up the fucking walls.

Any-who, there are ways for us normal people to get through this stinker of a day without having to subject our eyes and cold hearts to constant updates… The solution? You can block Valentine’s Day updates on your news feeds on both Facebook and Twitter (YOU ARE WELCOME). Here’s how:

1. Facebook

You’ll need to create a browser extension to block keywords that brands and ‘friends’ might use. Download Social Fixer For Facebook. This works on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.


Download Social Fixer For Facebook


Once this is installed Facebook will look at little different.

  • Click on the new settings icon > Edit Social Fixer Options > Filtering > Other (box) > Matching Text
  • In the Matching Text box copy and paste the following: /valentine’s day|vday|valentines|february 14th/i
  • Then go to Action (box) > click Hide > Save > Reload Feed

ALL references to Valentine’s Day should be removed from Facebook!


2. Twitter

This is a lot more straightforward. If you haven’t set up TweetDeck do it now.

Head to Settings > Mute > enter in hashtags or keywords you want to mute e.g Valentine’s Day, #ValentinesDay etc.